Creative Product Design

One of our activities is creative product design or product development for F&B solutions. We are experienced in the snacking industry as well in the beverages business, creating products like salads, (healthy) bars, ice-creams, soda’s, ice-tea’s, syrups amongst others for the retail and wholesale market.

In 2016 we got in touch for the first time with the cacaofruits, on the farms of Brazil. The possibilities for innovative creations with this wonderfruit are extraordinary, as the fresh, pure, tropical flavours and characteristics don’t compare with any other fruit or vegetable.

We were eager to get to work and explore the fruit’s flavours, aroma and celebrate the natural richness of it. Over the last 3 years, our raw experiments slowly developed into refined recipes and consumer products. These recipes showcase the remarkable versatility of the cacaofruit and true to our philosophy, we’ve been careful to utilise every part of the fruit.  

The pulp brings a uniquely refreshing flavour to cocktails and desserts, but its balanced acidity works perfectly with seafood as well. Cascara, made from the fruit’s husk, has an equally wide range of uses. From ice-creams to cookies and spice mixes, it adds a uniquely earthy, herbal flavour and works well as binding agent in soups, sauces and creams. We cannot wait to explore and create more end products for consumers.