We are Blendbrothers! Blend, a fresh and creative company for high end concept design in the food and beverage industry.
Born and raised in Zeeland, Netherlands, brothers Hendrik and Kamiel Buysse are the perfect blend for a new and exciting food, beverage & music experience. With years of work in the top of the culinary world they have the right knowledge to help you in any kind of way.
Hendrik’s career began by working alongside famous Chef Sergio Herman in the kitchen of his former restaurant Oud Sluis***. Hendrik recalls this experience as working in “A rock ‘n roll kitchen, one which I will never forget!” After those intense years of learning from the best, he decided to go to another notable restaurant in the area, Edwin Vinke’s De Kromme Watergang**, where he worked as kitchen chef for 4 years. It was during these years where Hendrik’s passion grew for the local, natural and pure ingredients found on the land and in the waters of Zeeland. As apart of his ongoing education, Hendrik has visited many foreign countries where he’s explored new techniques, styles and ingredients. This has inspired him to continue traveling and involving himself with internships. In addition to cooking, Hendrik worked as a sommelier for top Belgian Chef Filip Claeys’ restaurant, The Jonkman*
After several years in the entertainment world Kamiel began working the bars at Pure C* and The Upper Room Bar of The Jane*, both Sergio Herman establishments. Kamiel turned his focus toward the spirits, both in libations and in atmosphere. By combining his love for music with his mixology experience, Kamiel states, “Music is an underestimated part of a good atmosphere. It’s important to enjoy tasty dishes and top notch cocktails with music that adds to ambience and overall experience.” As a result, a unique atmosphere is built out of a combination of all the senses, leaving one pleasantly stimulated.
While working a lot abroad, blend takes home the inspiration of influences from all around the world. Kitchen techniques, flavours, creations, spirits & spices and melt these together with local products.