Espuma's, sauces & desserts

In collaboration with R & D food revolution, blendbrothers developed various sauces, espumas and cocktail foams. A revolutionary step in efficiency, taste, constant and enormous staff and cost savings.


This line of cocktail foames, makes a perfect structure to finish your cocktails or add as a component in your dessert. 
Pornstar Martini 
The cocktail of this moment, pornstar martini. A combination of maracuja, vodka, vanilla. Combine this with cava, top off your cocktail or use as a component in your dessert. 
Bellini & peach
Combine this natural sweetness with prosecco or cava. 
Strawberry & basil 
A fresh taste of strawberry’s with basil. A perfect combination for the vir/gin basil smash or to finish another (non-alcoholic) cocktail. 

Sauce Espuma's

Mousseline BBQ
A very airy mousseline sauce with a delicate bbq flavour. Serve with a nice cut of meat, our pastrami or blend croquettes. Or get creative and serve this with a composition of your own. Heat in steamer or au bain marie.
Serve this airy mousseline with a nice fish for a sublime taste.
Heat in steamer or au bain marie.

Dessert Espuma's

A classic flavour of tiramisu, use as component in your dessert or café glacé. 
Salted caramel
Airy caramel with sea salt gives a huge new dimension to this favorite. Perfect to finish a dessert. 
Sabayon with a beautiful, fruity white wine. Can be used both cold and hot.