blend croquette, new flavour the same texture!!

A croquette how it is meant to be.
True meat, perfect flavor, crunchy outside!

Our latest combination is intens! The blend croquette beef is made with slow-cooked Holstein necks
resulting in a very tender, soft structure. During the preparation we add fat from Rubia Gallega for a nice, deep, unique taste. Full flavour with the characteristic cornflakes outside crunch!
blend croquette original, means a croquette made of the unused parts of the Duroc pig. The Duroc pig is a wild, orange-haired pig, which is known for its tender and moisty meat, full of flavour. The tongue, cheek and knee are cooked in a lovage stock and finished with Italian fennel pollen.
The Crispy Chicken is made slow-cooked, free-range chicken thighs and filet with a dash of Japanese dashi for that umami flavour! Ultimately, all the blend croquettes are rolled into cornflakes, for a better flavour and crunch.

Serving in your restaurant or bar

Limitless Creations

blend croquette can be served in different ways in your restaurant. From starter, to maincourse, a broad variation of servings are possible. We figured some out for you already, but if you want a more exclusive way or idea to serve, feel free to contact us.

The perfect festival snack!

Flemish Bun with flavours from around the world

Once chosen by Gault & Millau as “best festival dish” in 2017 at the legendary electronic music festival Tomorrowland, these creations are perfect for serving at your festival.
With flavours from around the world, we can serve it Flemish style, Japanese flavoured or the Mexican way. For all your guest, we will have the right flavour.