Blend croquette

Blend croquette, means a croquette made of the unused parts of the Duroc pig. The Duroc pig is a wild, orange-haired pig, which is known for its tender and moisty meat, full of flavour. The tongue, cheek and knee are cooked in a lovage stock and finished with Italian fennel pollen. Ultimately, the blend croquette is rolled into cornflakes, for a better flavour and crunch.
blend croquette

Creative product design

One of the main activities of Blend is product development specialized in food and beverages. Due to a years of experience in the top of the gastronomy world, their broad knowledge about ingredients and flavors from around the world and their constant greed to invent new products, blend can create “The Next Big Thing” for your company.
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Kitchen & Bar Creations

Blend has a lot of experience regarding consulting in restaurants, to upgrade their menu, bar food, music and cocktails. They offer service training, a complete new menu with paired cocktails/drinks and new kitchen or cocktail techniques.
  • Food & beverage consulting
  • Paired drinks (cocktails, wines, spirits, beers & non-alcoholic)
  • Chef support
  • Kitchen staff training
  • Service optimisation
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