Product Design

One of the main activities of blend is product development specialized in food and beverages. Due to a years of experience in the top of the gastronomy world, their broad knowledge about ingredients and flavors from around the world and their constant greed to invent new products, blend can create “The Next Big Thing” for your company.


Inventing or improve new products. Blend can broaden your line of flavours in an already existing product. You tested your market and searched for the needs of your audience? Blend can make the product based on the outcome. They make fully new products out of your by-product, which previously was only seen as waste.
Your product is selling, but needs an improvement, a new style or design or even an exclusive copy with other ingredients to enter a different market?


  • Replicate (out of your imagination and with our creativity, blend physically replicates out of your mind)
  • Invent new F&B products
  • Improve already existing products