Jaguar launched their first electronic supercar, the I-pace. The car, together with the brand, are holding 5 key-elements that summarizes them.

Luxury, sustainable, innovation, performance, craftsmanship.

We created a dish that encompasses these 5 elements; Cocktail of Seabass, quinoa, cucumber, Champagne and sechuan-button.

A fresh salad of cucumber, quinoa and puffed quinoa (superfood, innovation, green transmission & performance). Champagne granité in liquid nitro-oxygen (luxurious, innovation)

On top a merengue of sechuan-button and soy in liquid nitro-oxygen, so that when biting the merengue, steam is coming out of the nose and an electric numbing feeling comes up because of the sechuan-button (innovation, electric).

Everything fresh made as live performance (craftsmanship).